GO Equipped online


Do you have a desire to bring the good news about Jesus and his kingdom to new places? Would you like to do this through your profession?

The GO Equipped course is designed for student, business people, workers and professionals who wish to reach the nations through their studies and professions.The course has an international focus but it is also very valuable if you plan to work in your home culture.

The Online GO Equipped course introduces you to major subjects that are essential for everyone who wants to serve God through their work or studies. The course consists of three core modules which should be finalized first, and three speciallised modules. Several add-on modules are under development. Each module lasts for six weeks and requires a 2-3 hour time investment each week from your side.


Course overview

Core modules

1. Biblical basis for tentmaking

  • Professionals, business people and Students in God's strategy
  • God's view of work
  • In the footsteps of Apostle Paul
  • Business as mission
2. Bringing your faith to work
  • Enhance your skills in serving God at your workplace.
  • Work out your own, inidvidual plan for representing God's kingdom in your place of work.
3. Ambassador's preparation course
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Strategies for workplace discipleship making
  • Spiritual challenges and how to deal with them

Specialices modules

4. Cross-cultural understanding and adaption

  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Working in restridcted areas - including risk analysis
  • Team dynamics on multi-cultural teams

5. The tentmaker journey

  • Challenges and pitfalls on the journey
  • The global job market and how to find a job
  • Sending platforms for tentmakers
  • Challenges of today's tentmakers
  • Steps to tentmaking - planning your journey

6. Tentmaker tools

  • Number 1 failure of tentmakers
  • Evangelistic bible study
  • Alpha at home and work
  • Al Massira
  • Keeping your life in balance under pressure
  • The ministry of hospitality
  • Fishing evangelism


The course has international group of teachers with lots of missions and tentmaking experience from different parts of the world


The price for each module of the course is USD 50. 


For the time being we limit the number of participants at each online course to 30. Our course starting May 11 filled up and registration is closed. Our next course is planned to start in the beginning of August. Fill in the form below to stay updated on future courses!



“Christians in many skills, trades, businesses and professions, can often go to places where traditional church planters and evangelists may not.”
The Lausanne Movement

“I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.”
Billy Graham

People from more than 50 nations have attended GO Equipped-conferences. They have gone to more than 80 nations to live as ambassadors for Christ.