Medical team to Brazil

July 8-23, 2017

If you study or work within the medical field this trip can provide you with lots of new experiences:

  • You get to serve people by using your medical skills in one of the less developed areas in Brazil.
  • You will serve Christ by helping people and sharing life with them.
  • You will experience how it is to work as a medical professional in Brazil.
  • You will learn a lot about the Brazilian culture.
  • You will make friends with those you travel together with and with and with the people you meet in Brazil.


Here is an outline of the program:

  • July 8 and: Travel through Rio to Petrolina
  • July 10: Resting day in Petrolina and connection with local believers.
  • July 11: Sightseeing in Petrolina, onnection with local believers and introduction to the work to be done.
  • July 12: Travel by car to villages.
  • July 13-20: Provide medical services for people in the region.
  • July 21-22: Resting days/sightseeing in Petrolina.
  • July 23: Return to Scandinavia


The total cost for the program in Brazil is USD 1.095,-.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner most of the days
  • Domestic travel costs in Brazil

International travel costs will be paid separately. Return tickets from Oslo, Norway are currently around USD 1,700. Tent International will try to find good offers for you from the departure airport of your choice.

Information and registration

Contact Fabiola Otoni in Tent at or at +47 55 32 66 40 to get more information and register.

We look forward to hearing from you!