Tent Nigeria aims at 100

Last updated 07 November 2017 15:54

Victor Agbonkpolor desires to see 100 tentmakers sent by Tent Nigeria before he turns 50.

– There are not so many years left, so we need to work hard, smiles the 44-year-old Tent Nigeria leader.

– With God´s help I think we will be able to make it, he adds.

Victor Agbonkpolor has played a crucial role in the start-up of Tent Nigeria. In the end of October, he received the documents proving that Tent Nigeria is officially registered. Now he and his team can fully focus on building up Tent Nigeria´s services.

Important tool

Victor Agbonkpolor sees the GO Equipped-course as an important tool for training of tentmakers-to-be and for bringing awareness about the tentmaking model.

– In Nigeria, there are many misconceptions about tentmaking. The GO Equipped course gives a good foundation and it attracts new groups of people to be engaged in missions. Many Nigerians already work abroad. They do however lack an understanding of why God may have sent them to other nations. They may also lack training on how to be good ambassadors for God kingdom. GO Equipped can give new perspectives, and the course provides people with tools they can use when they go to work abroad, says Victor Agbonkpolor.

20 percent «return»

He estimates that approximately 20 percent of those who take the GO Equipped-course will go as tentmakers.

– To be able to send 100 we thus need to plan for having 500 people take the course. I believe God will help us to accomplish this. Tent International will provide the structures that makes it easier for people to move. There is a great need for such services in Nigeria today.

Agbonkpolor looks forward to sharing Tent´s vision and way of working with mission leaders in Nigeria.

– In mission circles tentmaking is often presented as another form of traditional mission work where people must raise support before they go. We will be able to send a lot more people as soon as we get a right understanding of how this works. I believe Nigeria can take a leading role in this and encourage our neighboring countries to send tentmakers. Tentmaking is a tool that God has given us to reach the whole world in these end-times, says the Tent Nigeria-leader.