Best mission books of the year

Last updated 30 December 2017 09:46

Globalization, poverty and reconciliation are central focuses in what the magazine Christianity today has picked as the best mission books of 2017.

World Vision-veteran Bryant L. Myers is the author of the book that tops the magazine´s award list. His book is titled «Engaging Globalization: The Poor, Christian Mission, and Our Hyperconnected World».

– Globalization is speeding up our world, extending our relationships globally and bringing us closer together in positive and not-so-positive ways. The church and many Christians, however, remain largely unaware of its seductive power, resulting in a failure of vision for mission in today's world, writes Amazon in its presentation of the book.

Theological lenses
– Globalization is a complicated topic. Myers makes dense concepts relatively accessible to his readers and provides theological lenses through which to see the issues at stake. He is most concerned about the intersection of globalization with the poor and with Christian mission, writes associate professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, Stephen Offutt, in the review he has done for Christianity Today.

– One of the most helpful lessons Myers provides is on the role individual humans might play in a globalized society, and how we should not lose sight of an all-powerful God, who is over, above, and in the midst of globalization, writes Offutt.

Mending divides
Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart have written the second book on missions on Christianity Today´s award list. Their book is titled «Mending the Divides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World».

– One of the most challenging tasks within the church in the next few decades will be the work of peace-building and reconciliation, of learning from and loving neighbors who are often very different. Taking the parable of the Good Samaritan as their starting point, Huckins and Swigart have written a practical, hands-on manual that shares their rich experiences working in peace-building across various contexts, from local to global, writes the senior vice president of World Relief, Jenny Yang, in Christianity Today.

You can find Christianity Today´s full award list of Christian books here.