What Brings Muslims to Jesus?

Last updated 16 April 2015 14:33

 According to Jerry Trousdale, author of “Miraculous Movements", there are seven key factors for reaching Muslims with the Gospel.


A summary of the seven suggestions for conducting Muslim ministry, according to Trousdale:


1. Pray

Prayer must be priority number one. If we aren't actively praying, we won’t see Muslims surrendering to Jesus.


2. Teach disciples who may teach others

Modern programs for church growth often focus on repentance and a crash course in doctrine, but the process of making followers of Jesus requires more. Jesus invested a lot of his time in only a few people. Twelve set out on a journey with Jesus, and out of those, eleven discovered who Jesus was and worshipped him. Through these eleven people, the entire Roman Empire was changed throughout the following seventy years.


3. Invest time with the right people

When Jesus sent out his disciples, he asked them to find a 'worthy' person whom he had prepared. This would be a person who could make the Gospel known in the local community (Matt 10 & Luke 10).


4. Don’t tell them what to believe and what to do

Trust the word of God and the Holy Spirit to supervise the seeking people, so that they may get to know God and obey Him.


5. Demonstrate more than one dimension of Jesus’ life

Jesus took care of both the physical and mental needs of the people he met; similarly, both of these aspects need to be included in Christian work among Muslims.


6. Maintain focus on a relationship with and obedience to God, and not only on knowledge about Him

Jesus warned everyone against only listening to the word of God, without being obedient to it.


7. Remember that Jesus does incredible things through common people

Many churches speak of the 'common priesthood', yet they rarely expect normal people with no Bible school training to do extraordinary things in the kingdom of God.