Memoirs of a Medical Missionary

Last updated 17 April 2015 14:01

Find out how one Tent's former students used her profession to serve God in Asia and inspire change in her community.

A Bold Move

While many of us are sympathetic towards various humanitarian causes, we aren't always willing to take action to address them (apart from 'liking' or sharing a post on social media). But for one young woman, giving up an easy and comfortable life in her home country was well worth the sacrifice in order to bring precious medical care - and the Gospel - where it was needed most.

Nurse, Mentor, Missionary

Alanna attended the GO Equipped course in Bergen and, not longer after, found herself employed as a nurse in an entirely different part of the world. She worked six hectic days a week in the intensive care unit of a hospital in an impoverished region of Asia, where exposure to the suffering of the people around her was a painful reality. She had to adapt quickly to working with very basic medical equipment and treating her patients in innovative ways whenever supplies ran low. In the face of great poverty and discouragement, she committed herself to reaching out to her community by developing friendships, sharing meals, mentoring other women, establishing a prayer meeting with fellow believers, and introducing the Gospel wherever she found the opportunity. Through many colourful experiences, she grew in her knowledge of God and the indomitable nature of His will to draw all peoples into the Kingdom. She also became aware of the need for members of the global church to pray for and reach out to one another—to function as one body under Christ.

Integrating Faith and Work

Alanna's testimony serves as a powerful example of how the tentmaking model can be used to address the spiritual as well as physical, economical, and educational needs of any people group. She asks for prayer for the spiritual growth of those who came to Christ during her time overseas, strength for the staff members still working at the hospital, and safety for all Christians who are at risk of persecution in that nation.