Passion for India´s unreached

Last updated 21 October 2016 13:29

While working as a system analyst in the flourishing IT-industry in Singapore, Deepa Celine Theresa sensed that God called her back to her native India. Now she dreams of seeing the Gospel known among all unreached people groups in her home nation.

- I wish I had known about tentmaking and taken Tent´s training before I went to Singapore. While living there I had this mistaken idea that the Gospel is to be brought to new people through evangelists and pastors. So I missed a great opportunity for serving Christ in Singapore, says Deepa. 

In January this year she said yes to take on the role as national coordinator for Tent India. The work is still in its pioneering stage and thus she is involved in a great variety of tasks. The vision for the work gives her the energy needed to push on. 

– My desire is to see the whole of India reached with the Gospel. 2000 people groups are still regarded as unreached. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Thus we need more people to become tentmakers and bring light into the lives of people, says Deepa.

«Sunday Christian»
She grew up as one of five children in a Catholic family in the South-Indian city of Madurai. 

– I was a typical «Sunday Christian», she admits looking back at her life as a young adult and professional.

– When I started my career I even stopped going to church. My excuse was that my job in the IT industry was very demanding. I reasoned that God knew my situation and thus understood why I could not take part in church life. Over time I got carried away from Him, because work pressure and office politics made me compromise Christ´s principles. The good news is that God loves us so much that he is willing to reach out to us even if we do not focus on him. I got to experience his love in an amazing and tangible way. This changed me completely and I realized that God had called me for a greater purpose, says Deepa.

She answered yes when she sensed that God called her to go back to India. After she returned she got to travel to different parts of her home nation. 

– My heart broke as I witnessed people´s broken lives and their sufferings and I got a burden to reach out to these people with the hope of Christ, explains the Tent India coordinator.

– No secular work
This fall Tent India focuses on preparations for the work ahead. Deepa can use her skills as an analyst to make sure that necessary tools and systems are in place before Tent India goes fully into operational mode from January. Next year here will be several seminars and conferences in order to make people aware of the tentmaking opportunities. The first conference is to be held in Pune in January. 

– Many people see their work as secular and they don´t understand how they can serve God through everything they do in life. We forget that we are the church and that everyone is called to be carriers of the light and life we have in Christ wherever we are.

Deepa is sure people will get a new perspective on their work and their everyday lives if they attend the Pune conference.

– It is time that all members of the body of Christ get to know their calling and become active in reaching the unreached. North India has plenty of opportunities and the harvest is ready. The Pune conference will help professionals to prepare and train themselves to be ambassadors of Christ in their workplaces, in the societies they live and in other places that God may call them to go to, says Deepa.


You can register for the tentmaking conference in Pune now. Click here for more information.