Transit through Düsseldorf

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If you plan to work abroad the coming years you should make a stopover in Düsseldorf in November.

Want to go to a tough place?

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The presence of Christian business people, professionals and students can make a huge difference in nations where the church is persecuted. Here is a map that can be of help if you want to go to one of those tough places.

The ignored mission problem

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The problem is huge and it causes great damages for individuals and teams in mission. For several reasons it is still not getting much attention.

From Ghana to the nations

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The team behind the West Africa Consultation and training in Ghana last month wants to see a great number of tentmakers being recruited and trained in the years to come. – We should aim at making Ghana a major sending nation within the coming ten years, says Devine Amattey who leads Tentmakers International in Ghana.

Passion for India´s unreached

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While working as a system analyst in the flourishing IT-industry in Singapore, Deepa Celine Theresa sensed that God called her back to her native India. Now she dreams of seeing the Gospel known among all unreached people groups in her home nation.

Tent Español

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Introducing our new Spanish website!

Finishing the Task

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Paul Eshleman is optimistic that at least one Christian worker will be sent to each of the world's unengaged people groups within the next two years.

The Sons of Pyongyang

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Kim Suki recalls her time spent teaching English in the world's most isolated nation.

Memoirs of a Medical Missionary

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Find out how one Tent's former students used her profession to serve God in Asia and inspire change in her community.

What Brings Muslims to Jesus?

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 According to Jerry Trousdale, author of “Miraculous Movements", there are seven key factors for reaching Muslims with the Gospel.